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Rules to be observed when flying radio controlled model aircraft.


1)         All models must be fully airworthy and of sound construction.  Check your radio, control

            surfaces etc., to this end.


2)        We operate a ‘Peg On the board’ system - Before flying a model, the pilot must made sure that his frequency is clear and that they place their  peg on the frequency board before turning on their transmitter.  At the completion of the flight he must remove the frequency peg after ensuring that the transmitter is properly switched off


3)         No flying is permitted over the car park, pit area or spectator area irrespective of wind

            direction of the position of the sun.


4)         No dangerous or reckless flying is permitted.  Low “beat-ups” must be done in the direction

            of take off and in such a way as not to interfere with take-offs and landings.


5)         Take-offs and landings must not made in the direction of spectators or cars, irrespective of

            wind direction.


6)         Starting of engines on the runway area is not permitted.  Models must be returned to the edge

            of the field of pit area.  This rule may be waived by arrangement with other flyers present.


7)         Due Care and respect for other Pilots and Spectators is to be observed when flying near the Pits Area. It is up to the members present to address any unsafe flying.


8)         Pilots must stand back off the runway, preferably with their backs to the pits, when flying.


9)         In the interests of general safety, novice pilots must not attempt to fly unassisted.


10)       Pilots must call loudly “Take-off”, “Deadstick”, “Touch and go”, “Landing”, etc. when



11)       No non-members are permitted to fly at the field unless they have been invited and are flying in the company of a Howick Model Flying Club member. All pilots, both HMFC members and visitors may only fly if they are fully paid up SAMAA members.


12)       No litter of any description is to left on the field or in the area.  All cleaning materials,

            refreshment debris, broken models, etc., must be removed by the modeler himself.


13)       The area in the shade of the wattle tree and pit area is reserved as a pit area for models, not as a car park.  Please be considerate to your fellow modellers and treat t is as such.


14)       Only SAMAA recognized frequencies are permitted .


15)       “Hogging” a frequency peg is not allowed.  A maximum period of 15 minutes is permitted

            unless private arrangements with other member have been made.