HMFC  Membership

Please note : ALL members are required to be fully paid up SAMAA members in order to fly at HMFC. HMFC is a SAMAA registered field.

Any Visitors who wish to fly may also only do so upon presentation of their valid SAMAA membership card and must hold a minimum of a Solo rating unless being assisted by a club Instructor.

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Stuart Allen Solo 1460   30-Jun-12 30-Jun-11
Glen  Bell Novice 3263   30-Jun-12 30-Apr-11
Jason  Bell Novice SAMAA ??   30-Jun-12 None
Michael  Dickinson Novice SAMAA ??   30-Jun-12 None
Trevor Dickinson Unkown SAMAA ??   30-Jun-12 None
Jeremy Dixon Novice 10256   30-Jun-12 31-Jan-11
Neil  Drummond None 10751   30-Jun-12 31-Oct-11
Brian  Jeffrey Novice 2305   30-Jun-12 DUE
Angus  McInnes Silver 10613   30-Jun-12 30-Sep-11
Clive McInnes Instructor / Pylon Gold / Heli Solo 7148   30-Jun-12 31-Jan-11
Bill  Middleton Solo 351   30-Jun-12 31-Jul-11
Les  Mustard Instructor 10616   30-Jun-12 30-Sep-11
Boet  Naude Silver 417   30-Jun-12 31-Dec-10
Gavin  Scholtz Heli Solo 1757   30-Jun-12 31-Aug-11
Victor Terblanche Novice 12707   30-Jun-12 31-Aug-11
Tony Martyn       30-Jun-12  
Mike beckett       30-Jun-12  
Craig Campbell       30-Jun-12  
John  Dickinson       30-Jun-12  



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