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1. NAME                                       The name of the club shall be the HOWICK MODEL FLYING CLUB, hereinafter referred to as the “CLUB”.



3. OBJECTS AND                        The objects and powers of the club are:



a)      To promote and foster the sport of building and flying model aircraft

b)      To provide a flying site suitable for all the branches of the sport

c)      To purchase, take on lease, or otherwise acquire (or sell, dispose of, or lease), any buildings, tenements or property deemed necessary for the running of the club.


3. MEMBERSHIP       a)   There shall be three classes of membership : (i) Junior members (ii)

                                                      Honorary Life members (iii) Senior Members ( 18 years and over)

                     b)   The annual subscription for the year ahead shall be decided by the

CLUB at the Annual general Meeting Held in July of each year, or at a special general meeting called for this purpose. The CLUB Financial year is from the 1st July to the 30th June each year. The committee has the power to levy a further amount of subscription during the year, not exceeding one third of the normal subscription amount.

a)            (i)         any application for membership shall be proposed and

seconded on the prescribed form by members in good standing only.

(ii)        The applicant shall enjoy the full facilities of the CLUB  

            while on probation

                     d)          (i)        New membership applications shall be placed before

                                             the next CLUB meeting for acceptance by members.

                                  (ii)       Should any member object to an applicant, then the

   member must record that objection in writing within fourteen days to the CLUB secretary.  Failing any objections, membership is automatically approved.

(iii)               Should any objection be received, then the committee has the final decision to accept or reject the application, giving their reasons in either case.

                                                e)   Any member who has conferred some special benefit upon the

CLUB and whose election is agreed by a two thirds majority of the members present at any Annual General Meeting, may be elected as an Honorary Life Member

f)        The liability of each member is limited to his or her subscription

       and any other monies owing to the CLUB.

g)      All members shall have the right to all amenities of the CLUB, but only Senior or Honorary members shall have the right to vote for the election of members for the committee.

h)      Subscription fees are due on the 1st July of each year and any member who has not paid to the CLUB the fees due by him or her by the 1st July, shall cease to be a member.  New members shall pay the full current joining fee but shall pay a pro rata subscription from the date of application for membership.

i)        Only fully paid up members are entitled to vote on CLUB matters at any meeting called irrespective of whether the meeting is a General Club Meeting, a Special Meeting or an Annual General Meeting.  At the Annual General Meeting a fully paid up member is one who is in good standing at the end of June that year.

j)        All members must notify the Secretary at the beginning of each CLUB year which club he or she will be representing at any competitions during the current year.  Failing to notify to the contrary, the member shall be deemed to be representing the Howick Model Flying Club.

k)      Discipline:   All members shall adhere to the Rules of the CLUB.  Should any member be in breach of the Rules, or conduct themselves in such manner as to bring the CLUB into disrepute then they shall be liable to action by the committee of the CLUB.  All complaints for action by the committee shall be made in writing to the Secretary who shall then convene a meeting of the committee.  All parties shall be present at such meeting and committee shall have the power to call upon such witnesses as required.  The committee shall have the power to take any action it deems fit.   


5. COMMITTEE                     a)   The CLUB shall be managed and controlled by a committee which  

                                          shall consist of a minimum of four members, ie. Chairman, Secretary/ Treasurer and two members.  The committee shall have the power of co-option if and when necessary.  A co-opted member shall have full committee powers for the duration of his/her co-option.

b)    The members of the committee shall be elected (or re-elected) at   

     the Annual General Meeting each year.

c)    The committee shall meet at least once every quarter and full minutes shall be kept of all business transacted.

d)    The committee shall; (1) Cause proper accounts to be kept, (2) Operate a bank account in the name of the Howick Model Flying Club.  Withdrawals from this account may only be sanctioned under the signatures of both the Chairman and Secretary/ Treasurer.  (3) Spend any monies they deem conducive to the objectives of the CLUB.  However if the proposed expenditure by the committee should exceed the amount available in the CLUB account, less current commitments should they not yet by deducted, then the amount to be spent may only be sanctioned at a Special Club Meeting at which not less than 30% of paid up members have voted in favor of the expenditure. (4) Hold and organize contests between members, and also with other Clubs, in all branches of the sport.  (5) Do all such acts and things not inconsistent with the Constitution which are in the interest of the CLUB, or may at their discretion be considered desirable.

e)    The Chairman shall have a casting vote in addition to his normal vote at all CLUB and committee meetings.

f)      Should any interpretation of any Clause in this Constitution be in doubt, the decision of the Committee shall be final

g)    The Committee shall have the power to make any final decision concerning any matters arising out of the running of the CLUB.


6. ANNUAL                             a)  Any amendment to the Constitution must be proposed and seconded and 

    GENERAL                                lodged with the Secretary of the CLUB in writing, before the end of June

    MEETING                                 preceding the Annual General Meeting. 

b)    The Annual General Meeting shall be held during July each year.  The 

     business to be conducted at this meeting shall be:

     i)    To confirm the Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting and/or any Special General Meeting.

     ii)   To consider and approve the Annual Report of the Chairman and the Financial Statements for the year.

     iii)   To elect the members of the Committee and Honorary Life Members, if any.

     iv)  To add, delete or amend clauses to the Constitution or Rules by a 66% majority of members who are present and in good standing.

v)      To set subscriptions for the forthcoming year.

vi)                 General


7. SPECIAL                            A Special General Meeting may be called on requisition in writing to the

    GENERAL                          Secretary, signed by not less than 20% of members of the CLUB, or with a   

    MEETING                           simple majority of the committee.


8. NOTICE OF                       The notice of Annual General Meeting shall state the agenda. ie 6(b)(i) to (vi) of    

    ANNUAL/ SPECIAL          the Constitution and shall be sent by post to all member in good standing at least  

    GENERAL                          fourteen days prior to the meeting.

    MEETING                           The notice of a Special General Meeting shall list topics for discussion including any proposed Constitutional changes.


9.  QUORUM AT                    A quorum at a General Meeting shall be 30% of paid up members.  If no

     GENERAL                         quorum is present thirty minutes after the time fixed for the General Meeting shall be deemed cancelled.   Every Honorary and Senior Member in good standing shall be entitled to vote, either by a show of hands or ballot. No member shall be entitled to vote by proxy.  The Constitution may only be amended by a properly constituted General Meeting by a two thirds majority of members present.


10.ACTION AT LAW            The CLUB  shall sue or be sued in the name of the Chairman and Secretary of the Howick Model Flying Club.


11.GENERAL                         In the event of the CLUB being liquidated, any remaining funds shall be distributed to an organization decided upon at the discretion of the Committee.